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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life

There is so much buzz about Project Life.
Are you in?

I did the first project life back in 2009, when you had to but the kit
from Creating Keepsakes on January 1st,
I tried on line for several hours and finally got my
order to go through...I believe their whole site ended up
crashing from all people trying to order that morning.
The crazy thing is I ended up with 6 kits in my basket
and over $200 charged to my credit card! 
I sold the extra kits to online friends who weren't
lucky enough to get one so all was well.
I faithfully took my daily photo till the middle of July
and then I stopped, and my album is unfinished.
But I love what IS in the album!

So I have battled if I should so project life this year.
I love the Clementine kit, and now you buy it at Amazon,
so it costs a little more, but much easier to order!
what to do? what to do????

I have decided I am going to do Project Life.
My thinking is this...
I know this year (and next year) will be big for our family.
I want to capture it.
But I have decided I do not have to do it everyday,
I am going to span the project over the next 2 years,
some weeks might have a photo every day,
some weeks might be several photos from one event
like a birthday, or graduations (Jessica will be a senior this fall), 
ans some weeks might be skipped.
I am also going to buy the big envelope pockets (they are out
of stock right now) to throw in tickets, receipts, cards, etc.

I have ordered my kit and even though I am a little behind
since the year already started I have been keeping a little note
book with notes for each day. This is the way I did it in 2009
and it was very easy to just look back at the note book and know
what photo was for what day and I also wrote a little note about it.
The other thing I did was to make a 2009 album in my iphoto program
and as I uploaded my photos I dated the photo of the day and added to the album.
Then they were all together and ready to print.

So tell me, are you doing Project Life and what are your
tips for keeping up with it?



shire said...

I will give it atry this year..:)
I do not take a photo everyday, only if there was something special. So my tips are the same like yours :)
Greetings from Germany,

Lisa said...

I'm not a Project Lifer although I love those I see and can't wait to see how yours progresses. You can't get the kit over here in Europe (or you might be able to but the postage is something like $100 or something crazy!) and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to continue it. But I do take daily photos to improve my photography which can also tell a story of sorts across the year. Hope you'll be sharing your pages :-)

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

I am doing it but at a very relaxed pace. We have lots going on this year with teh first year in the new house, a baby on the way and C will start preschool in the fall! YIKES! Not to mention birthdays (DH turns THIRTY!), trips to see family and everyday little things. I have the Turquoise and Clementine kits (split with a friend), and a planner/notebook to keep the journaling. I also bought a little camera to put in my purse and a coupon organizer to catch the bits and pieces. Each week I will clean the camera and the coupon organizer out on Saturday or Sunday and go from there. I need the Design A page protectors but am using WERMemory Keepers until then.

AntiqueChase said...

I bought it twice, two years in a row when you had to buy the binder too. I hate that binder because it doesn't fit on my ikea shelf. but that's the least of my problems cause i never kept up more than a month with the photos... so why am I contemplating starting it again?? Or is it that I just want the clementine goodies?lol If you know anybody who is looking for the original two binders , let me know. I was going to put them out at my garage sale.

mytwoandras said...

I am doing PL this year. I started last year and only got through the first three months. This year I feel like I will be able to keep up. I am going to keep it pretty simple each week and embellish as much or little as I feel inspired.

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