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Monday, January 16, 2012

And were off...

what? you ask

Well, it seems as if it's THAT time of the year again...
CHA time that is!

It seems as if every blog I go to says something about CHA and
new release, sneak peaks, booth make n takes, etc, etc.

CHA time drives me crazy. It's a love/hate thing!

I love seeing all the new paper lines
so much inspiration and talent from the
design teams. Videos live from CHA.
Awesome, right?

But then the I wants, the I must haves start within me.
The dollar signs add up in my head and that's before 
the product even arrives in the stores.
And I have to order online as there is not
a close by LSS, so that's if they don't sell out!

and so I say.."were off" as it is official CHA season!

What's you thought on CHA?
Do you already have a favorite line?
Please share your thoughts!



S said...

It's a love/hate thing with me too. The first couple of times I had to follow all the new introductions - but this last time I just ignored the whole thing, and honestly I didn't miss anything. All the most popular stuff ends up in the popular kits or on my friends' blogs - so I'm good with waiting till then. I just don't have to time to care so much anymore.

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